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(Not So) Sweet 16

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

What a milestone to hit during quarantine! We've almost all had a quarantine birthday at this point, but when it's a big one, the disappointment in modified celebrations is greater. Elizabeth's fell at the beginning of the COVID saga and was a pretty last-minute cancellation. Invitations were out, plans were made, and it was all so close...when the country shut down. Her request was a night out in NYC, which may not be possible to make up for a very long time. April was a double let-down with the cancellation of the band trip to Disney.

Nonetheless, we made the best of it. And, although delayed a bit, she was able to get her permit over the summer, which is one of the best and most anticipated perks of being 16. Hickory Driving School was awesome and, by some miracle, we didn't have to step foot in the DMV. We probably still wouldn't have her official permit if we did!!

To go with that, she is able to practice in her own (leased) car. A huge 'gift' and enormous responsibility. We've lost our minds, and are terrified about the next step of Elizabeth being licensed and on her own, but she has earned it and is constantly reminded about safety.

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