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PHS Dance Team Season

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Thank goodness for Friday night lights! There might not have been many games, it might have been a shortened field show, and the public was not allowed to attend, but it was energy and spirit and victory!

First, band camp was adjusted to meet state guidelines. Then, the schedule was revealed and we were limited to just 3 home games. Then, those games were moved and shuffled based on COVID impacts and what not. Finally, the big rivalry game on Thanksgiving and all spirit week activities were cancelled. It was a whirlwind.

BUT, we rocked. There were moments and experiences and memories. We had new flags, a pre-game show, wore masks, and I was part of the rifle team. Learning to throw and catch that, doing choreo, and helping the newbies were some of my favorite parts of the season.

The theme for the show was Mechanized and you can view our performance here. With shortened practices, it took until the end of the season to really come together, but we went out on top with a great gala performance for our families and fans.

Go, Liners!

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